Tech Fast

I have literally just got back from New Wine in Shepton Mallet, and what a great week we had. I ended up being team pastor with Tom and Louisa on Club 1. It was great to help where I could, but also allowed me plenty of time for reflection. One of the things I reflected on was how just being busy gets in-between me and my God. Something you will know from this blog, is a constant issue in my life. Being dumped in the middle of a field with very little in the way of distraction tends to highlight what we are missing out on the rest of the year. It’s not that I was “zapped” or had a warming of the heart as a certain theologian would put it, but that I just walked quietly with God all week. More of a certain knowledge that I am on the right track than revelation through bolts of lighting and booming voices.

One of the things that allowed this to happen was the absence of tech. That said twitter did get a bit of overload from me, and all my talks were prepped on the iPad. However in comparison to my everyday normal life, tech went from a ten to a two, and that seemed to be healthy. The issue is that tech is both my job and my hobby, making it hard to distinguish when I am working, earning money, studying, or just playing. So I have decided to follow my friend Jesus Geek (aka John) and fast from technology. Now I obviously use tech in my day job and study so I am not talking about them. I’m talking about twitter, tech podcasts, facebook, news feeds, and generally wasting Gods precious time browsing the web. The gist is, if I am not earning money from it, or studying then its out the window for the month of August 2010. So I guess my next post will happen after the 1st September 2010, it will be interesting to see what God does. I’ll keep a journal and perhaps report back in my next post.

This is Max signing off for now.

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