The Times They Are A-Changin’

Clock - Image courtesy of domdeen /
Clock – Image courtesy of domdeen /

As ever much is going on in my life, and as ever I am trying to cull activities that need to go. Recently, with work, study and ministry some fiends were concerned about me taking on an area within ministry because of my busyness. Whether I end up taking on that area or not is irrelevant to me. But what isn’t, is the fact that I don’t want to be so busy doing things Max’s wants to do, in ministry or outside, that I have no room for the things that I think God wants Max to do. So in the words of a certain song writer, times they are a changin.

Work it is a changin’, as I shall be ending my contract at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children which is a very sad thing. It’s my decision and a wise one I hope, but I shall be sad to leave both friends and the hospital behind. GOSH has been good for me and I hope in turn have been able to give theme value for money. I think it is both right for me and seems to be a time that is right for GOSH, where my future would be uncertain anyway. I am never truly happy when leaving behind a contract, and often look back to see how I would do things differently. I do hope that on the whole I brought some benefit. Moving forward I shall be joining a new customer who is in the middle of a major transition. It will mean road travel rather then train, but overall will be less time traveling each day, by an hour or so.

CBSA (my web company) it is a changin’, as I step back from the web work. My web work, developing sites, and consulting on Internet technologies has all way been a passion as well as a source of income. I had always planned to keep this string to my bow moving forward, as an extra source of income, but increasingly have felt ill at peace with this idea. Over the last year and again In particular whilst away last week I began to question whether the willingness to drop this (at least for a season) was not more about an escape route then anything else. I think that part of my wish to hold on to it, is about a concern as to whether God will provide in my ministry in the future. I somehow justified that Paul was a tent maker so it was OK. But actually Paul gave up the right to an income (1 Corinthians 9:13-18) through his ministry; he did not have an escape route. I am not suggesting for one moment that Pastors should not have any other income, I think this is more about me putting my faith in God, and I do hope that a time will come in the future when I can pick it up again. I have worked closely with a new young designer over the last year, and will be handing any old and new customers to him as I remove myself from this business over the next year. I will still host my own and close friends sites, which is not part of the income source.

Finally and not entirely tied in with the theme of time, waistlines they are a changin’, or at least they had better. The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted what I have entitled, “embarrassment accountability” section on my home page. I had a conversation with someone who I shall loosely called a mate whilst away last week. It was the usual mucking around in a pub after dinner and he asked how much I weighed. He nearly split his sides when I said just over 13 stone. Words like “never” and “no way” are not kind. I really did think I weighed about that, so I was gob smacked when I stood on the scales the other day and weighed over a stone more. So back to exercise and eating more sensibly it is, after the long time off with the knee last year. If you are sad enough to want to see how I am doing you can at, or you can simple use it to ridicule me.

So the times they are a changin’, aren’t they always?