But please…

I thought a very quick update was in order for those that are interested and have been praying. I arrived back home from Ely late last night, exhausted but happy to have gone through the previous three days at the panel.

I described the process in an email to some friends as “the most polite and yet complete and challenging interview/grilling I have ever gone through.” Three days of interviews, presentations and discussion groups, wouldn’t have been something that I would have expected to take so much out of me both emotionally and physically. Whilst I already understood that I cared, I probably verbalised it best on day three. The reason was that I didn’t just want a positive answer; I really did care about the result. This wasn’t about a new contract or job this was about a whole change of life, a calling, and the belief I would do what God wanted me to do. So I still do want God’s will to be done, but I also know now how much I really do want the answer to be one that means I can moved forward. We will deal with the outcome and impact of that whatever way that goes, when we find out towards the end of the month. It was a joy to be there with the other twelve lads and lasses going through the process, and the seven advisors made it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Whatever the result the three days did confirm to me, not that I needed confirmation, that God is moving me towards something. I do believe that the “something” is leadership within his Church, and will continue to pray that I have discerned his will correctly.

So as I said a very brief update, but I will update further as soon as I have, received and digested the result, and what that result means.

Update: They did recommend me for training (Yippee). More thoughts on this to come over the summer.