Palm To Forehead

I’m feeling a little like Homer, and yes I mean Homer of the Simpson kind, not some really old bloke. Seems to me that someone, mentioning no names, is busy trying to teach again, I hate it when He does that. Recently I have had so many things happen to me which I normaly warn other people about that I am getting a little paranoid. Take Twitter for instance, I constantly warn others about the dangers of people misunderstanding what is said. Yet just the other day I had not one, but a number of people misinterpret one of my tweets. And how about this site which has been down for a while, why? Because the database got corrupt, but do not panic Max is the king of backups isn’t he? Well I thought I was, but to cut a long story short I was let down by my hosting company who overwrite their backups every week! So that mean’s the latest backup included the corruption. Panic not, my mantra is, “if it’s not backed up in three places it’s not backed up”, so I’ll simply use one of the other backups. Yes well the less said about that the better, so let’s move on. It’s not just in the tech world either; I have also had a number of “foot in mouth” situations with friends and family recently.


I keep having quotes about logs and eyes rolling around my head. Somewhere I can hear advice from an old friend about not judging if I don’t want to be judged. In short I battling against a point of view that many in the world would say was justified, but which my Lord would have me reconsider. It’s not some type of crises it’s just my Father teaching me in the here and now. So, I’m learning to be graceful even when I don’t feel full of grace, because the consequences of not are that I seem to be humbled. I’m learning not to judge when I know I am right, because being right isn’t the same as living right. I’m learning that other people are on a journey to, and if I want acceptance from God that I am learning then I need to accept others are learning as well. I’m off to St Johns next week for a summer school, and I’m looking forward to the space to reflect a bit more.

By the way I have rebuilt the site from scratch so if you got a load of updates that you have already had please accept by grovelling apologies. Doh!

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