Keeping on track, with my goal in mind, has been quite difficult over the last six months. Too much stuff in my life has always been an issue, or even a personality trait, but I hadn’t realised how overloaded my life was. The fact that I cut out a major time consumer (heading up youth the 11-14s youth work) and still did not have enough time in my life to keep up with college work, goes to show how I had let things get out of hand. A friend (Iain for those that know him) joked recently that I could always cut out the family, or work to free up more time. I think it was only half a joke, and half a wake up call.


Of course the first part of my life that lost out to this overload, was my time with God. So with that in mind I had another spring clean of my life earlier this month. I have stopped pretending I will continue with some projects that had really ground to halt. I have told some sad looking people, that I can not do what they want me to do. I am trying to be a little smarter with what I do. Where my work can be used twice with a little tweaking, it is used twice. Believe it or not one of the biggest things I am trying to do is to go to bed a little earlier. And finally I re-did my study plan (again), which now looks more scary then it did when I started. Which is why I still need to be ruthless with the No word. Saying no was never a strong point of mine, but going forward, if I am to say yes to God, I will have to be stronger with No to some people.

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