I Blame God and The Dolphins

Belinda, a puzzled friend who cares, approached me last night and asked what was happening? It seems John, (my mate, vicar and Belinda’s husband) had received a request for a reference for me to work on Club 1. Strange they thought, Max isn’t doing what he said he was. Not that I am incapable of saying one thing and doing another, but in this case I blame God. In my human self I thought there were only two options, but God had a third, which I think I may have secretly hoped for. Having said that I would not work at Club 1, but would pastor or go as a delegate, I then get asked to pastor at Club 1. Why does God do that? Why does he seem to come to the rescue at the last moment once we have made a decision to listen to him? This is a fairly small example of a repeating pattern in my life. Maybe, just maybe I should listen more!

In other news, you will be glad to hear the writers block did go away and a couple of essays have since gone in. The family then dragged me of to Florida for a couple of weeks. They claimed that they had been saving up for five years and they deserved the holiday. We had great holiday and particularly enjoyed our time at Discovery Cove and swimming with Dolphins. Partly the dolphin’s fault and partly the fact I still need to cull some activities out of my life, I am now two essays behind my self imposed study plan. This means I have four to complete before the end of the year. It’s not an insurmountable mountain, particularly as with the original study plan I had assumed no work over Christmas, but once again I need to knuckle down. Is there something in my make-up that likes stress, or am I just plain lazy?

Blaming God and the Dolphins? Well someone has to be to blame don’t they? And it couldn’t possibly be me!

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