A Little Cheer For Hands Of Love

IMG_1782assemblySo it’s that time of year when we the Cross family sit down and ‘not’ write our Christmas cards to you our friends. It’s been a little while now that instead of sending paper messages we have put our card money to what we hope is better use. We still wish you a Happy Christmas as we celebrate the birth of King Jesus. We hope that you are able to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, and yes you know we pray that you might come to know our Father God a little more through the celebration of his Son’s birth. For many of our friends 2012 has been a hard year and so as we reflect on that, know that we are praying better times and peace for you. For others 2012 has been a time of joy, new life, and new adventures. We also celebrate the good times with you.

This year we gave our ‘card’ money to Hands Of Love, which to quote their website is a Ugandan “home for over 806 children age 3 to 19 years. It was started in 2005 by Pastor Elijah Sebuchu and his wife Ruth when they and their own children had little to eat themselves.” It is small charity, and I know the trustees personally and can vouch for their integrity and wise counsel. Which means I know the money is put to good use, and the tough decisions about where to place the limited resources is in good hands. You can of course goto http://handsoflove.org.uk and learn more about them.

So we do wish both you our friends and the children of Hands of Love a very very Happy Christmas on the birth of the ‘Main Man’.

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