The fool

Image courtesy of Raffaele Camardella
Image courtesy of Raffaele Camardella
I am a poor reflection of Jesus Christ I have decided, but God is showing me a little more day by day. This comes to mind because of a recent revelation on my train journey to work. There is this chap who gets on the train, who I avoid eye contract with at all costs, just in case he sits next to me. He’s not aggressive, he doesn’t smell, he doesn’t frighten me, he is just a bit odd. Every day when he gets on he engages whoever he sits with in conversation. the conversations are trivial and inoffensive, but oh how embarrassing if I was that person on the other side of the conversation whilst the whole carriage listened in. In a brief burst of self-awareness I understood this stems from a desire not to be seen to be foolish myself.

That’s when it hit me how absolutely hypocritical my actions were.I am not sure how the others in the carriage view their life, but my guide book suggest that I will be willing to be foolish for my God. Last night I read a reflection that suggested that I had a particular role to help men find their path in life. Finally my God talks of how every time I speak to or help the lonely it is as if I am speaking to or helping Him directly. Foolish, men, lonely, foolish, men, lonely. I am a bear of little brain sometimes, but even I can see this chap probably is a man who is lonely, what gives me the right to feel foolish if I am able to speak to him? Sometimes we just miss the opportunities in life even though they are put in front of us every day. How I hunger for my actions to reflect more closely the words that come out of my mouth. A long time ago a chap called Paul, commented on this human condition. “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” If I want my actions to reflect my words there is but one person who has the ability to do that. When I do get the chance to speak to the chap on the train next, I don’t think I am going to feel half as foolish as I feel right now.

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