Food, Chat And Worship

So now it really has begun, I felt I should at least briefly reflect on my first night. The first night of Theological training that is, well in truth the first night of hi and welcome. Tomorrow promises to be hard work but for now it was food, chat and worship in that order. Much like the rest of my life really, and it drew me to compare it to our model of sharing about Jesus. If you look at the way Jesus went about telling people of the Kingdom of Heaven, He seemed to follow that mode as well, food, chat and then worship. After all, he was forever getting into trouble for eating with the ‘wrong’ people. Sometimes we forget how Jesus did it and turn the whole thing around. It goes something like this. If you come to our Church and worship, then I might chat to you after a couple of weeks, and may even invite you back to my place sometime over the next decade, for food. Seems to me that already St Js has taught me, or at least reminded me about the way we really should share the love of Jesus. I am sure over the next couple of years there will be ups and downs as we explore what Gods plan is, but I have to say tonight was a good way to start.

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