Faith Journey

St. Mary Magdalen , Sheet
Image courtesy of Steve Stringer

When I started this occasional journal of my journey I said something akin to the fact that I would post “ when I feel God is prompting me to, or when something significant has happened in my journey.” I’m not sure that it gets much more significant than finding out where we are going to spend the next four years, so It’s probably time to update you. A few weeks back the Bishop asked us to investigate the possibility of continuing my training by serving as a curate at St. Mary Magdalen in Sheet from July 2014. I think is was fair to say that it was as a relatively nervous couple that Suzy and I headed off to meet Richard, the incumbent, and his wife Jo soon after. We could not have been made to feel more welcome, and we quickly felt at peace with Richard, Jo and this opportunity. They have a great background in ministry and we came away feeling that not only could we become great friends, but that there was much we could learn from them. Very soon after we met some of the elders of the Church, in what I affectingly termed ‘death by quiche,’ although there was no quiche in sight. What we did discover was another great welcome from a group of people who obviously have a desire to see God’s community grow. So in the last couple of weeks both Richard and I have thanked the Bishop and the team for their care and prayer in this process and have accepted their offer. This was announced in Sheet yesterday and frees us up to share the great news with our friends. So what have we learnt from this process? It seems to us that God has had His hand on this whole process, and perhaps a little more faith from us would have been in order. Over the last year we have been wondering just what was going to happen about a number of issues. Firstly it seemed that were a limited number of places in the diocese, that were similar enough to the environment that we were use to, for my family to be looked after; and yet different enough for there to be a opportunity for me to learn. God ticked the ‘ye of little faith’ box on that one with Sheet. Next there was the small issue of the fact that Suzie’s Mum lives in an annex attached to our current home. A responsibility that I had not realised weighed quite so heavily on my shoulders, until it had been resolved. Without going into details God smashed through the lack of faith box and provided an answer that seems to be a win situation for all involved. Those were the biggies, but there were many more hurdles that have fallen away one by one over the last six months. I just hope that when we go on our cruise holiday later this year there isn’t an middle eastern figure asleep in the rear of the boat. Because right now I would have to trust Him big time if we hit a storm. So it probably goes without saying that we are very excited as a family about this opportunity God has placed in from of us. There is now of course the small issue of actually finishing the college part of my training over the next year, and then preparing to move house in July of next year. However if I have learned anything through this process it is to have faith that God has that in hand. After all it’s difficult to argue with His track record.

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