Communion of friends

Journal: Friday 09 January 2015 17:21

IMG_1576.JPGA day around Galilee today. I headed into the day somewhat desperate to experience Jesus in his homeland. After yesterday it was a joy to share communion with my friends on the shores of Galilee. In sharing communion it dawned upon me that of course I would meet God on this pilgrimage not in the rocks of the temples and churches but in His people. Here in this divided land of synagogues, temples, mosques and churches walk a diverse group of Christians united in the desire to meet their God. Perhaps I was looking in all the wrong places. Church of the Loaves and Fishes and, Convent of Beatitudes’ church and garden, commemorating the Sermon on the Mount. We had or fish lunch at the Beatitudes convent and then sailed around the Sea of Galilee. DSCN0985.JPG

DSCN0984.JPGOnce on the Disney trail again we visited a number of places. A period of quite time on the lake brought home the second communion of the day for me. Perhaps naturally hearing the waters lapping at the boat as the owner killed the engine, brought to mind a couple of Gospel passages. Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” A reminder of all our call to speak of Jesus to those who do not know him. It’s a call that we all have, but I guess for me in particular is something that I was reminded about today. Then as the doubts arose the second Matthew passage came to mind. Matthew 14:29 “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. As we sat there becalmed on the lake looking into the water, I could feel the faith needed by Peter to follow Jesus and get out of the boat. How often do I truly risk my life for something I feel is so important? communion with my God once more, and message received and understood. The day concluded with a bit of fun as Rona, Garry, Mark and I swam in the lake. A chance of a lifetime not to be missed even if the temperature in January is similar to that of England in January. Ok I didn’t walk on the water, but more communion with friends was had, and Jesus was experienced.

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