Food, Chat And Worship

So now it really has begun, I felt I should at least briefly reflect on my first night. The first night of Theological training that is, well in truth the first night of hi and welcome. Tomorrow promises to be hard work but for now it was food, chat and worship in that order. Much like the rest of my life really, and it drew me to compare it to our model of sharing about Jesus. If you look at the way Jesus went about telling people of the Kingdom of Heaven, He seemed to follow that mode as well, food, chat and then worship. After all, he was forever getting into trouble for eating with the ‘wrong’ people. Sometimes we forget how Jesus did it and turn the whole thing around. It goes something like this. If you come to our Church and worship, then I might chat to you after a couple of weeks, and may even invite you back to my place sometime over the next decade, for food. Seems to me that already St Js has taught me, or at least reminded me about the way we really should share the love of Jesus. I am sure over the next couple of years there will be ups and downs as we explore what Gods plan is, but I have to say tonight was a good way to start.

In Previous Episodes

Where to start? I guess I won’t go into my background too much as you probably know me, and if not perhaps that will come out as we progress on the journey. We are here because over ten years ago when we became Christians Suzy and I felt very clearly that God was prompting us to prepare ourselves for the second phase of our lives. The exact words I wrote in my Bible at the time were “Prepare yourselves for the work I have for you.” About eighteen months ago we experienced a number of things that lead us to conclude that perhaps we had been treading water for a while. The outcome of this was that after much prayer and soul searching we felt that it was time to move forward.

So what did moving forward look like? Well the truth is we are still on that journey of discovery, but we have concluded it looks like some form of leadership within Gods plan. To that end over the last year I applied and was accepted for the distance learning CertHE in Theology and Vocation at St Johns in Nottingham, UK. This wasn”t a simple step because amongst other things it meant stepping down from leading my beloved 11s-14s at COGS our Church in Portsmouth. This course which starts this September 2009, is a two year course that may or may not lead onto completing further training to become a full theology degree. In parallel we are exploring the possibly of ordination with the Church of England, something which still blows my mind. It’s very early stages and neither Suzy or I are sure it is the ultimate destination, but that said we are a whole lot more open to the concept then we were a couple of years ago.

What ever the route is or where ever we end up there are some big hurdles in the way, which we will not get over without Gods intervention. Perhaps this is why we were treading water, but now I am comforted if we end up in some form of leadership it will be because God wants us there, because without Him it will not be possible.



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